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What Is Skin Cancer Excision?

Skin cancer excision is a surgical incision that is made to remove melanoma or another type of malignant lesion, along with the surrounding tissue that may appear normal. This helps maximize the chance that all traces of the cancer cells have been removed. Dr. Calvin Williams is a board-certified dermatologist at Essential Dermatology Group who can provide skin cancer excision for any patient who has been diagnosed with a cancerous lesion or tumor after having a skin biopsy done. This minor surgery is an effective way to cure cancer if it's still at an early stage. To learn more about skin cancer excision, call our Bedford, TX office to make an appointment.

What Can I Expect from Skin Cancer Excision?

Surgical excision for skin cancer can be performed in one of our treatment rooms at our Bedford, TX practice. Before Dr. Williams makes the incision, he will cleanse and numb the area with a local anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable. Then, with careful precision, he will use a scalpel to cut the cancerous lesion and surrounding tissue out. Afterward, the excision will be closed with stitches to help the area heal. Antibiotics may be prescribed to ensure you don't get an infection. You may also be instructed to keep the area dry for the next 24 hours. Dr. Williams will provide additional aftercare instructions before you leave.

Dr. Williams caught a skin cancer that other docs ignored. I recommend him to everyone.

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Dr. Williams and his staff are awesome. My hair has started growing like crazy due to the regimen Dr. Williams started me on. I am so grateful!

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I Love Dr. Calvin. He is amazing and his staff always takes good care of me.

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My first visit was very good. Clean facility and on time for appointment. Dr. Cooper and staff were thorough and invited all my questions. Gave me helpful tips to watch and care with my skin. Glad I made a switch to this office.

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I had a wonderful experience at Essencial Dermatology Group located in Bedford, TX. My first experience was with Ashley the assiisant. She is totally awesome, she made me feel comfortable. Dr. Cooper was great, he was very knowledgeable of my condition. He was not in a rush, he took his time to explain things to me. Thank you!!!

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Remove Cancerous Lesions

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Calvin Williams may recommend you have a surgical excision to prevent it from spreading or further harming your health. Set up an appointment at Essential Dermatology Group in Bedford, TX today to see if you are a suitable candidate for skin cancer excision.

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Does skin cancer excision hurt?

Skin cancer excision at Essential Dermatology Group is typically performed under local anesthesia, ensuring that the procedure itself is virtually painless. However, it is common to experience some soreness after the anesthesia wears off. Dr. Calvin Williams will provide post-operative care instructions and may recommend over-the-counter pain medication to minimize any discomfort you feel during the healing process.

Can skin cancer come back after surgical excision?

The goal of skin cancer excision is to remove the cancerous cells completely, including a margin of healthy tissue to ensure complete removal. Under the skillful eye and precision of Dr. Calvin Williams, the likelihood of skin cancer returning after surgical excision is significantly reduced. However, there is a small possibility of recurrence, particularly if there are undetected cancer cells present. Regular follow-up appointments and skin cancer screenings at Essential Dermatology Group are essential for monitoring any signs of recurrence or new skin cancer development.

Does skin cancer excision leave a scar?

Skin cancer excision, like any surgical procedure, will likely result in a scar. The size, appearance, and visibility of the scar can vary depending on factors such as the size and depth of the excision and the location of the skin cancer. Dr. Calvin Williams strives to minimize scarring while performing this treatment to leave you with the most ideal outcomes. It will be important to follow post-operative care instructions to promote optimal healing, so your scar may fade and become less noticeable over time.

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