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What Is Rosacea?

The skin condition known as rosacea, which causes the skin to appear inflamed and red, usually appears across the nose and cheeks. Essential Dermatology Group in Bedford, TX uses many advanced solutions to lighten the skin and minimize the signs of this chronic disease. Rosacea can occur on almost anybody, but it's prevalent among middle-aged to older women with light skin. Rosacea is a skin disease with no real cure, but it may be managed. If left untreated, it may worsen over time, causing symptoms to return and flare up for days or weeks. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Calvin Williams will evaluate your skin for rosacea and develop a personalized treatment plan to keep the condition at bay.

How Is Rosacea Treated?

Although there's no cure for rosacea, there are a number of treatment choices available, including antibiotics that assist with flare-ups. You can use the medication in capsule form or as a cream, gel, or lotion. Pills tend to be more effective in providing rapid results but can result in more side effects. If antibiotics aren't effective, acne medications, like isotretinoin, have shown to work for many patients. Lifestyle changes can help as well. Laser surgery or electrosurgery may be chosen to reduce the appearance of blood vessels and to remove excess tissue buildup around the nose.

I give this office a perfect five out of five rating. While I drove myself crazy searching for the best dermatologist in the area, being from another state, they exceeded my expectations. After extensive research and reading reviews, my journey went from the distress of hair loss and thinning to regaining my confidence through rapid hair growth and positive support. Shout to Dr. Cooper! But it didn't stop there. I was later diagnosed with rosacea, and even as I walked in with a rosy face and tears, they had a box on the counter offering a chance to win 20 units of Botox. I thought, why not try my luck since I feel like I'm falling apart? To my surprise, after 49 years, I won something! I'm treating myself right before my 50th birthday. I highly recommend checking out these amazing people!

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What Are the Symptoms of Rosacea?

Signs of rosacea can vary from mild to severe. The primary indication of rosacea is redness of the face. In most people, the central part of the face is red. The blood vessels of the cheeks and nose may swell and be visible. Other signs include swollen and red bumps on the face, which appear like acne. Sometimes, these bumps are pus-filled. The skin can also feel hot and tender to the touch. Roughly half of rosacea sufferers have eye issues, such as dryness, irritation, and reddened, swollen eyelids. In rare circumstances, your nose can look swollen as the condition can cause the skin around the nose to thicken, resulting in a bulging look.

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Reduce the Redness of Rosacea

Rosacea not only has physical symptoms, but it may have psychological ones as patients are often anxious in public and avoid social situations because of the redness. If you believe you may have rosacea, please contact Essential Dermatology Group in Bedford, TX to schedule an appointment so you can put the worry behind you. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Calvin Williams is knowledgeable about cutting-edge remedies and offers hope and help.

Is rosacea easily spread?

No. This skin condition isn't transmittable. Rosacea cannot be passed by touching or breathing in airborne bacteria and isn't brought about by poor hygiene habits.

Will my rosacea worsen with age?
Symptoms of rosacea can become more serious without treatment. Dr. Calvin Williams can develop an individualized plan of action to treat your rosacea. Prescription drugs, lifestyle modifications, and determining and being aware of causes could help manage the symptoms and signs of rosacea for long-term relief. Acquiring treatment at Essential Dermatology Group could work to postpone the progression of rosacea.
Can rosacea show up on other parts of the body?

Yes. Although rosacea mainly appears on the face, some Bedford, TX-area men and women have experienced rosacea on other areas of the body. Rosacea can also turn up on the neck, back, scalp, chest, and ears.

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