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Surgical Procedures

Skin Cancer Excision

Skin cancer excision is the surgical removal of melanoma or other malignant lesions from the skin, along with some of the healthy surrounding tissue.

Mole Removal

If you have an unsightly mole on your body or face you would like removed, our Bedford, TX practice provides a simple, minor surgical procedure.

Skin Biopsy

To accurately identify any abnormal skin lesions you may be concerned about, we can perform a skin biopsy to remove a tiny sample for testing.


Electrodesiccation and curettage is a nonsurgical option that uses a scraping and burning technique to remove benign or cancerous skin growths.

Split Earlobe Repair 

Caused by wearing heavy earrings or injury, split earlobes can be repaired by stripping away the damaged tissue and stitching the skin together.

Keloid Excision

A keloid is a thick, lumpy scar that may cause pain, itching, or discomfort, but we can surgically remove the tissue with a keloid excision procedure.
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