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What Is Mole Removal?

Cosmetic mole removal is a minor surgical procedure that extracts skin growths that are large, dark, bumpy, or highly visible. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Calvin Williams at Essential Dermatology Group is proficient in the excision of unsightly moles and lesions. At the time of your consultation, the mole's depth, location, and size will be considered to provide the necessary insight for successful removal. The mole will also be assessed to decide if it is cancerous or not so it can be safely removed. Contact our office in Bedford, TX to schedule an appointment for an assessment of your mole and get more information about your options for excision so you can have smooth, clear skin.

How Does Mole Removal Work?

For a mole removal procedure, factors like the location, size, and depth of the mole or lesion will be considered to choose the best technique for extraction. Moles that are only skin deep or flush with the skin’s surface may qualify for a simple skin shaving technique. Those that are deep-seated may require excision, which is a minor surgical procedure. For an excision, Dr. Williams will use local anesthesia to numb the spot, cut away the mole, and then carefully sew the skin back together for optimal results with minimal scarring.

Dr. Williams caught a skin cancer that other docs ignored. I recommend him to everyone.

C.T. Google

Dr. Williams and his staff are awesome. My hair has started growing like crazy due to the regimen Dr. Williams started me on. I am so grateful!

K. Google

I ran into Dr. Williams at my job, instantly made an appointment after speaking with him. Came in for my appointment, I was in and out of there in less than 20 minutes. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, took great care of me, and I’m enthusiastic to see my progress! Highly recommended place for any skin care issues!

M.M. Google

I loved it. He answered all, and every question that I had even for things that I didn’t think I was going to ask that day. he was knowledgeable and prepared with an answer.

M.J. Google

Dr. Williams was very professional and personable. I highly recommend!

T.S. Google


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Get Your Moles Checked

Moles are not always a medical problem, but they can certainly be a cosmetic concern. Gain more information about mole removal at Essential Dermatology Group to rid yourself of unwanted skin growths on your face and body. Furthermore, allowing Dr. Calvin Williams, a board-certified dermatologist, to examine your mole could help ease your worry if you suspect your mole may be cancerous. Arrange an appointment at our Bedford, TX office today to have your mole examined and removed.

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