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What Is PRP Therapy for Hair Loss?

Hair thinning is a major concern for several men and women, whether it's brought on by genetics, age, hormones, health conditions, or from styling products. With current advances in research in the hair restoration industry, new treatments have been discovered to help combat the issue. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP therapy, is a state-of-the-art nonsurgical procedure for individuals that's showing remarkable benefits in slowing, stopping, and reversing hair loss. PRP has also shown promising outcomes in individuals with alopecia areata and thinning eyebrows. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Calvin Williams of Essential Dermatology Group provides this innovative treatment at Essential Dermatology Group in Bedford, TX. By combining a strong solution of hair growth factors and bioactive proteins, he can help strengthen your hair, leading to longer, thicker, healthier locks.

What Is the PRP for Hair Loss Technique?

As a minimally invasive procedure, PRP therapy for hair loss is a brief one-hour in-office visit. The treatment starts with acquiring a little bit of your blood and putting it in a special machine, which circulates the blood at high speed to separate the platelets from the rest of the elements. Next, a local anesthetic will be used on your scalp and the platelet-rich plasma is reintroduced into parts of your head that are thinning or bald. Finally, microneedling is performed on the scalp to create micro-channels in the epidermis, which triggers the PRP and permits it to seep deep into the skin. Our routine for PRP hair loss consists of the initial treatment and maintenance sessions roughly every nine months to a year.

Dr. Williams caught a skin cancer that other docs ignored. I recommend him to everyone.

C.T. Google

Dr. Williams and his staff are awesome. My hair has started growing like crazy due to the regimen Dr. Williams started me on. I am so grateful!

K. Google

Great staff and Dr Williams is very knowledgeable, kind and thorough.

S.M. Google

The team knows my name even though I don't visit that often. Dr Williams takes time to understand my needs and responds accordingly.

M.L. Google

Over the past 45 years I have visited dermatologists in several different states. My primary care doctor recommended Essential Dermatology for a dermatologist. Dr. Williams is the best doctor I have visited over these many years. He understands his patients and knows what is needed to remedy a situation. He is not forceful and gives options to help with making decisions on care. My job caused me to transfer to several cities and schedule appointments with at least 9 different dermatologist. Dr. Williams is by far the best I’ve had the pleasure to manage my care.

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PRP treatment is a medically and clinically backed choice for individuals struggling to find hair loss solutions. At Essential Dermatology Group, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Calvin Williams is proud to offer proven solutions to efficiently treat thinning hair. To find out more about PRP therapy for hair loss, we invite you to contact our Bedford, TX office now.

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How long does it take to see results from PRP therapy?

After undergoing PRP therapy for hair loss at Essential Dermatology Group, patients often wonder about the timeline for seeing visible results. Typically, patients may notice hair thickness and texture improvements within a few months after the initial treatment. However, the full effects of PRP therapy are usually more apparent after a series of treatments. It's important to remember that individual results can vary based on various factors such as age, health condition, and the nature of hair loss.

Can PRP therapy be combined with other hair loss treatments?

Many patients want to know if they can integrate PRP therapy with other hair loss treatments. Dr. Calvin Williams often recommends combining PRP therapy with other treatments for enhanced results. This could include topical treatments, oral medications, or other forms of therapy aimed at promoting hair growth. The compatibility and effectiveness of combining PRP therapy with other treatments depend on individual cases, and Dr. Williams will provide a tailored recommendation based on your specific condition and goals.

Is there any downtime after PRP therapy for hair loss?

One of the advantages of undergoing PRP therapy at Essential Dermatology Group is the minimal downtime. Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately following the procedure. However, Dr. Williams may advise avoiding certain activities or hair care routines for a short period after treatment to ensure optimal healing and effectiveness of the therapy. Any specific post-treatment instructions will be provided based on your individual treatment plan.

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