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What Are Hyperpigmentation and Melasma?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when dark patches of skin show up on the body, and melasma is one of the most common types. Melasma, also called chloasma, are tan or brown patches that typically occur symmetrically over the brow, nose, cheeks, or upper lip. Melasma is found more often in women and may be caused by sun damage or hormonal changes, such as those triggered by menopause and pregnancy. Individuals with darker skin types are more prone to melasma than those who have lighter complexions. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Calvin Williams treats melasma and hyperpigmentation issues regularly in Bedford, TX. He can provide numerous remedies that may help reduce the visibility of the condition. Call Essential Dermatology Group to schedule an appointment with him today.

How Are Hyperpigmentation and Melasma Treated?

There are numerous alternatives for the treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation. First, there are a variety of topical compound creams, gels, or lotions that can be given to help expedite skin lightening. Second, there are aesthetic procedures, including chemical peels and skin care products. Another option is intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, which destroys excess melanin and encourages the body to produce new skin cells. Unlike lasers that utilize focused lighting, IPL is versatile broadband light so the recovery period is shorter. Improvements are normally long-lasting when the patient implements good sun protection and upkeep.

Dr Williams is a very personable and spends quality time with you. I have seen him several times and each visit has been a great experience. I have Melasma and with his recommended prescription I have seen a tremendous improvement and I no longer feel like I am being stared at when out in public. Thank you Dr. Williams, your the BEST!

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I had a really bad case of Melasma, I had try everything out there and nothing helped. I decided to go see Dr Williams and after 3 months later I could see the difference and after 6 months, it was mostly gone. I’m feeling much better about myself thanks to him!

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Prior to making an appointment with Dr. Calvin Williams with “Essential Dermatology Group”, the last dermatologist I visited close to my home informed me that the condition which I suffered from was untreatable and therefore recommended that I followed up with a skin specialist in another state. After several days of researching dermatologists near my home, I found Dr. Williams’ office. Dr. Williams reviewed my records and shortly thereafter, started a plan to treat my melasma and within a few weeks, I started getting tremendous positive results. Dr. Williams has been instrumental in helping me deal with my skin challenge. From my first visit with the doctor, he would always make me feel that I would overcome this challenge. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but now, months later with the treatment plan, I don’t have to wear makeup to cover up the melasma. Dr. Williams has made such a difference in my life and I am grateful. Once again, I am very happy and my heart is raging with JOY. I totally recommend Dr. Williams for anyone trying to get the correct treatment for their skin concerns. The doctor’s nurse as well as the receptionists are always very friendly and very attentive answering all of my questions and making sure my next appointment was scheduled before I left their office.

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Get Rid of Dark Spots

If you are affected by melasma or hyperpigmentation issues and are tired of the way it looks, we welcome you to call Essential Dermatology Group to schedule an appointment with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Calvin Williams. Melasma needs a specialized diagnosis so that the right treatment can be provided. If the wrong treatment is implemented, the skin might become darker. Dr. Williams can accurately diagnose and treat melasma at his Bedford, TX office.

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How can I treat melasma on my face?

Normally, having effective treatment for melasma starts by having your skin evaluated by a dermatology professional. At Essential Dermatology Group, Dr. Calvin Williams performs skin evaluations and provides numerous effective treatments to lessen the visibility of melasma. These might involve topical lotions, serums, chemical peels, laser treatments, or a mixture of therapies.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation happens when your skin produces too much melanin, causing darker spots to appear. There are several different factors that can lead to hyperpigmentation. Common causes of hyperpigmentation include sun exposure, pregnancy, acne, any injuries to the skin, infections, rashes, and prolonged use of certain topical products.

Can melasma be completely erased?

While melasma may eventually sort itself out, this is not the case for all people. Patients with melasma may experience flare-ups at various occurrences throughout their lifetimes. Even so, this doesn’t suggest that melasma cannot be addressed. By limiting sunlight exposure and obtaining suitable treatments, people can considerably decrease the presence of melasma.

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