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Excision of Benign and Malignant Lesions – We use special techniques to remove all sorts of lesions that maybe symptomatic for our patients (itchy, painful) or are just simply unsightly (cometic removal). We Also remove malignant lesions as well that can cause harm if not treated.

Electrodessication & Curettage – This is a technique that is an alternative to the traditional surgical method that can be used for the right malignant lesion. If you have a known skin cancer find out today if this technique would be right for you.

Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy is a modality commonly used in dermatology to remove a number of lesions, including but not limited: Sunspots (solar lentigo), wisdom spots (seborrheic keratosis), skin tags, warts and even for pre-malignant lesions (actinic keratosis) as well. If you have any of these lesions, we can help.

Skin biopsy – While many skin conditions and lesions can be diagnosed without sampling, a skin biopsy is a helpful tool we can use when the diagnosis is not 100% clear. We make the experience comfortable and efficient, as this technique is extremely important in solving our patients’ dermatological problems.

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